From humble beginnings, a legacy through the ages

The year was 1991. Soon-to-be CEO of Crown Pro Inc., Chiefs linebacker Chris Martin was in the midst of a smoldering pre-season game. He heard the oh-so-familiar Tomahawk Chop from the Chief’s pep-band. As he listened and watched the fans, Martin thought about the chant and how popular it was, not only in Kansas City, but Atlanta and Florida State as well. Chris thought to himself,

‘If I could put a foam tomahawk on every hand, man, I could make a million dollars.”

Such were the humble beginnings of a modest homegrown company called Chris Martin Enterprises, later transforming into modern-day Crown Pro. A company dedicated to inspiring passion and excellence for those who work hard and play with pride.

Our Mission

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Our Products

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3166 Broaddus Maple Court Avenue,
Madisonville KY 42431, United States of America

Phone: +1 573367 4153

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